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Pearsons of Duns, Builders Merchant is constantly enhancing our product offering and maintaining our competitive pricing, whilst at all times delivering our widely recognised high standard of customer service both locally and further afield.

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  • Staying Fire Safe
    Staying Fire Safe
    Nothing is more important than keeping you and your family safe. So if you have an open fire or stove in your home, here are a few precautions you can take:

    • Get your chimney swept - HETAS (Heating Equipment Testing and Approval Scheme) recommend that your chimney is swept at least once a year as a minimum. We would recommend twice a year for both wood burning and solid fuel appliances to prevent chimney fires.
    • Maintain your appliance - most stove manufacturers recommend that stoves are serviced annually to ensure optimum output and safety.
    • Store your solid fuel correctly - excess solid fuel could catch fire accidentally. Make sure your solid fuel is stored in a dry container away from your home e.g. a coal bunker. If limited for space, then store excess in a cool, dry place such as a cellar.
    • Get a smoke detector - when a smoke alarm senses smoke, it sounds a shrill alarm hopefully giving you and your family precious time to escape.
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  • The Potting Shed is Open!
    The Potting Shed is Open!
    The Potting Shed Restaurant is now officially open! What will you choose from our new menu?
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  • Fitting the Perfect Door
    Fitting the Perfect Door
    So, you have chosen the doors you would like in your home but not sure what size to order?
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  • Mix it Up!
    Mix it Up!
    Looking to update your kitchen or living room with warm, inviting tones or give your bedroom or study that calm ambience? Then look no further than the range of paints which we can mix to make the shade just right for you.
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